I was 13-years-old when I first encountered Yoga, though I didn’t start practicing regularly until I was in college – looking for a natural way to manage my mental health. The experiences I was having on my yoga mat were deeply healing – they helped me feel grounded, safe, and beautiful – so I decided to participate in a teacher training so I could spread what I’d learned from my own practice and help others feel empowered. I completed a 230-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training with Radiant Life Yoga in Minneapolis, and went on to study Yin Yoga with Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker, and SomaYoga with Yoga North. I’ve also taken Trauma-Informed Yoga workshops with David Emerson, which greatly informs my teaching. I teach a holistic practice that focuses on bringing awareness to the mind-body connection and cultivating self-compassion and curiosity for our felt experience. I strongly believe that this practice will help us all step into the fullness of our lives, enabling us to access our creative, intuitive and healing abilities.

I teach Candlelight Yoga on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. I also offer private energy work sessions. For more information, visit my website.


My personal connection to health and wellness started on the College of St. Catherine’s campus in the late 80’s when I studied to receive a B.A. in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I was part of the 80’s aerobics revolution in fitness as a leg-warmer clad teacher! Through the next 28 years of raising my family of 5 kids and cast of pets with my husband in St. Paul, I continued to be a seeker in the pursuit of whole health and wellness.

After a decade of practicing various disciplines of yoga, I studied at the Yoga Center, Minneapolis in 2010 for my 200+ hour teacher training and also certified to teach pre and post natal yoga, complementing my practice as a Birth Doula.   In 2012 I received certification in Unnata Aerial Yoga – adding another dimension to my teaching in this ancient healing art  – this time in the air on a fabric sling (think circus) – a prop to reverse the body’s normal relationship with gravity.   In 2013 I studied with Judith Lasiter in an intensive on the lumbar spine and SI joints, which would come full circle in it’s importance and understanding the next year when I completed a second 200+ hour comprehensive training to include the body of work from of the International SomaYoga Institute out of Minnesota’s own Yoga North, Duluth.  I have recently completed their advanced 500 hour course of study which includes the first level of training in Yoga Therapy and am enrolled to complete my certification as a Registered Yoga Therapist to be wrapped up in 2017.  I will complete my study as a Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist this year as well – a study that holds hands with Yoga as it’s sister science – India’s ancient medical system – the oldest in the world’s history.

My current work includes private sessions with clients seeking a range of outcomes including resolution of chronic tension and/or pain, enhanced athletic performance, and/or tools for more skillful and contented living as a human being in the world as mapped out in yoga philosophy and its ethical practices.  I also teach weekly group classes in SomaYoga Therapy and Aerial Yoga.  My education in wellness has also extended to energy work study in Qigong – an ancient Chinese practice, with extensive experience and ongoing study in other modalities as well, to unite understanding of the body’s energy system with the other 10 body systems and their constant interaction for whole health.

I am ever grateful to the noteable relationships in my life which have been my primary teachers – marriage, motherhood – of humans AND dogs (silent examples of grateful and contented living), and many others who have lit my path with their hearts as they held space for mine.

I am humbled to be part of the worldwide and local yoga community. It is a universal language speaking and practicing life lived in balance, yielding santosa; Sanskrit for contentment: the ultimate human experience.


My vision for Tula emerged from my mission to make yoga and wellness within everyone’s reach.  One of my mantras is “life is a journey” and this process of opening up Tula has been an amazing journey of bringing incredible, generous and talented people together including teachers, students and practitioners with the support of my generous husband, Daniel.

My yoga journey started 27 years ago when I began practicing yoga for the physical benefits but over time appreciated it’s numerous other benefits, some of which included self confidence, inner strength, grounding, focus, stress-reduction….  I practiced throughout three pregnancies and I was so grateful for my practice to keep me strong, calm and centered.  I became a certified yoga teacher to share my love of yoga and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Additional certifications and extended trainings:

  • Trained with Rod Stryker – Parayoga -2009
  • Christy Burnette – Anusara – 2010
  • Seane Corn – Vinyasa and Spirituality – 2011
  • Judith Lasiter – Yoga for spine and lower back – 2012
  • Unnata Aerial Yoga Certification – 2012

Please click HERE to contact me with any questions, input or to schedule private lessons/developing a home practice.


My yoga journey began shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Saint Cloud State University in 2012. My first yoga class was in a small, warm studio with one other student and the instructor. When I walked out of that studio that day, my world had somehow gotten a bit bigger.

My journey continues in Saint Paul, MN where Tula Yoga and Wellness became a part of my life and my practice in 2013. I found myself in the 200 hour Teacher Training at Tula through Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute in March 2015. SomaYoga is a blend of somatics, therapeutic yoga, and classic asana. After completing my training in October 2015, my hope for students is to find a true connection to self on and off of the yoga mat. To begin to feel really good in their own skin and trust what their body, mind, and/or breath has to tell them day in and day out. I am thrilled to explore with you where this journey will continue. Namaste.


My passion for yoga stems from my desire to bring wellness and therapeutic tools to people of all ability levels. While I have practiced Pilates and Yoga for 15 years, my desire to become a teacher began when my mother was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating illness. This sparked a deep passion for the healing arts and holistic medicine. After receiving my 200 Hour Yoga Certification I continued looking for new and unique ways to approach wellness. In 2013 I fell in love with Unnata® Aerial Yoga and was certified the same year. Unnata® is a blend of all of the things I strive for in my practice and in life: fun, dynamic, mindful, and inspiring.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

-Dalai Lama

For more information go to: www.TwinCitiesAerialYoga.com


I found my first Nia class in Chicago while visiting a friend in 2003.  I was immediately attracted to the dancing, the music and the joyous nature of the class. I’ve continued to practice Nia ever since that time. I trained to become a Nia teacher in 2012, receiving my White Belt, and in 2014 I completed my Nia Blue Belt. I have been teaching Nia full time since January 2015 and it is my passion to share this transformational practice with you.  My purpose in life is to help people feel empowered to live to their greatest potential through the joy of movement and sensory awareness. Nia guides you to move in new ways, exploring the energies of the movements, playing with emotion and conditioning your body with compassion. Nia is a wonderful combination of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts that offer physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The philosophy and principles of Nia are a blueprint for living an embodied life.

I teach at five locations in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and offer Nia workshops, classes for specific audiences or groups, Dance On! Nia Parties, and private classes/private parties.

To learn more, visit www.nianow.com/bethgiles

Contact me at bethgilesnia@gmail.com


I am a yogi, a priestess, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a mother to a beautiful Tanizanian village dog and two crazy shelter cats. I am also left handed and dyslexic.

I took my first yoga class fifteen years ago. What hooked me was the practice’s ability to drop one into their body and experience their entire being from a seat of compassion and gratitude. I practiced on and off throughout the following decade. After leading a club in high school and teaching to a group of orphans when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, I took the plunge and journeyed through a number of teacher trainings (200 hr at Hilltop Yoga in 2010, 500 hr at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2012).  In training I learned that sharing yoga and other healing practices fill me up in a way that my personal practice alone can’t. Through my offerings I assist people in settling into their wholeness and embracing their full authenticity. Come as you are to my classes and embrace all the pieces that make you who you are!

When I’m not teaching yoga you’ll find me walking my dog around Powderhorn Park, painting and relaxing in my cozy home in the Central Neighborhood and at the Wedge Co-op where I work in the marketing department. For more information about me and my offerings, visit: briannadarling.com.


When I was a tween, uncomfortable in my tall, changing body, I met yoga.   It was a television advertising fluke that lead me to purchasing my first yoga book.  Since then it has been a mainstay of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual support.

I began to take classes in 1993 in the Iyengar tradition as brought forward through Faye Berton.

  •  2001 Yoga Teaching Certification – 200 hour with Christopher Baxter, founder of AtmaYoga, a Kripalu based Hatha Yoga fusion
  • 2011  500 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification with Tanya Sowards, founder of  Devanadi Yoga: merging Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra, Ayurveda & Energy Medicine

I continue to inform my teaching and relationship to yoga by studying with:

  • Rod Stryker (Himalayan tradition-ParaYoga)
  • Aadil Palkhivala (Iyengar based-Purna Yoga)
  • Judith Lasater(Restorative Yoga)
  • Matthew Sanford (Iyengar + Adaptive Yoga)
  • Bo Forbes (Elemental Yoga)
  • Tanya Sowards (www.devanadiyoga.com)
  • and you!

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Member AMBP (Associated Bodywork & Massage)


I’ve been a student of health and wellness since I can remember. My love of the human body and physiology brought me to the Body Therapy Institute where studied massage therapy in 1990 becoming a deep tissue therapist in Raleigh NC. My specialty was chronic and acute pain. I had the pleasure of teaching deep tissue technique for a time. I’ve been blessed to learn from great leaders in body work including Rick Rosen, Michael Shae, John Latz and Paul St. John. I left my practice to pursue a career with Whole Foods Market and move home to Minnesota in 1995. My admiration of eastern culture and curiosity about alternative health is constant. I recently completed the 200 hour training in Soma Yoga. Ann and I have been supporting people’s goals of wellbeing for over 20 years and together we are co-owners of Tula Yoga Wellness. We have 3 wonderful children each of whom give me pause to reflect on the many blessings and opportunities in life.


I am a yogi, birth doula, writer, energy healer, educator, and mother to four fun boys ages 1, 3, 5, and 7. I began yoga at the age of 4 with my mother, and it has played an ongoing, important role in my own life through trying to have a family, pregnancy, and postpartum, yoga has always been the needed balance my body seeks. I wanted to share the love of yoga with other budding young yogis so I trained in Yoga Calm® and teach in elementary schools and at Tula.

I write about raising active outdoor kids and healthy families for places like Outside Magazine online blog Raising Rippers, and I am currently at work on writing part of my yogic path around my journey with alopecia.

Trained in Spourcepoint Therapy®, I am one of the few practitioners in the Twin Cities that practices this energetic healing. I offer healing sessions at Tula and love working on all ages from newborns to the wise, with women through all stages of pregnancy and post partum, from the athlete to those looking to reconnect to their own health and listen to their bodies invitation to heal.

At the heart of all I do is my family and it is this passion that propels me. I love running trails, being with my kids, making art, doing yoga, and cooking. Born and raised in St. Paul, I am happy to be back after years of travel and living in Boston, Chicago, Santa Clara, and Santa Fe. I love learning and deepening my knowledge, and look forward to meeting you on the mat or on the table.

Additional Trainings:

  • 500-hour Yoga Therapy Level I training with Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Calmr® I, II, and III 2012
  • DONA Trained Birth Doula 2010
  • Sourcepoint® Therapy Certified 2012
  • Special Education Teacher 1997
  • MFA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2001
  • MA Developmental Pschychology Education & BA Moderate Special Needs Education Boston College 2000 & 1997




Long before yoga entered my life, I spent years working at a coffee shop. The thing I loved most about working at the coffee shop was that I was able to establish a genuine human connection with so many people over their favorite cup of coffee each and every day. Since then my life has transitioned into the corporate realm where I strive to establish the same connection, which is challenging behind the desk.

I began attending yoga classes a year ago at Tula for the first time. After a few months of enjoying the classes and learning about my body and self, I realized yoga is my passion. I believe education is the foundation of society and through yoga we are simultaneously teachers and students of life. I am currently receiving my yoga teacher training through the wonderful teachers of Yoga North and specialize in SomaYoga. Through a yogic lifestyle we are able to live healthier, happier lives in our bodies. Through meditation we are able to be the guardians of our mind and the balance of our lives.

As a yoga teacher, my wish is to establish a genuine human connection with my students through yoga and join them on their journey of self-discovery. I hope to facilitate a practice conducive to increasing awareness and that recalibrate the body to it’s natural range of motion while reinvigorating the mind.


My personal yoga practice began seven years ago and has been an integral part of my life ever since.  I have found that coming to my mat provides me with physical and mental benefits beyond those I gain from other physical activity.  I’ve always wanted a life long physical practice and yoga is the perfect fit.  I had no idea that yoga would lead me on a spiritual journey as well.  It has taken me in new directions though and that is what has led me to become a yoga teacher.  I teach to bring the benefit of yoga to others, in hopes that coming to the mat will lead to new expectations and possibilities.


The first yoga class that I ever went to was taught by someone wearing jeans in a high school classroom, the desks pushed up against the walls. I left that first night feeling great but a little confused, where were all the women in the black pants? Little did I know but that was yoga we practiced that night, it could be done anywhere by anyone, even by someone wearing jeans.

I continued to practice sporadically throughout those next few years and then throughout my pregnancy. After my son was born, I found it difficult to get back into yoga; I always chose sleep over yoga practice.

As time went on, I was drawn back to my mat, back to yoga. The real change in my practice came with a milestone birthday and a yoga and horseback riding retreat. I left that weekend feeling recharged, refreshed and refocused on making sure I made more time for myself. I realized it was the practice of yoga that helped me feel more like, well… me. I began to consider pursuing yoga teacher certification because I truly believe yoga has allowed me to become a more authentic person.

I finished my yoga teacher-training program in spring of 2015. I continue to bring what I learn on my mat with me out into the world. Staying curious both on the mat and in life are qualities I embrace.

I truly believe anyone can practice yoga, but you might be more comfortable wearing something other than jeans.


Dancing is one of the greatest joys of my life. I began my dance career at age five and have been shaking my tail feather ever since. I’ve traveled across the country competing in ballet, tap and jazz, and have performed in cities around the world including, Moscow and Leningrad. I’m so excited to bring my passion for dance to Tula as a Zumba instructor. I encourage my students to feel the music, move and most importantly, have fun! Come join me and together we’ll create an atmosphere filled with energy and support. Everyone has an inner dancer and I’m going to help you find it!

Licensed in:
  • Group Fitness
  • Zumba
  • Turbo Kick


I began studying in 2003 when I was in my late 50s. That’s why I’m especially interested in working with “non-typical” students, such as seniors, individuals recovering from illness and injury, and people of any age who wish to focus on body awareness and mindfulness. I firmly believe that there is a yoga practice for everyone.

In my classes, we work with fundamental yoga postures and breathing techniques.
Students learn how to build strength and flexibility, release tension, and cultivate a calm steadiness of mind.

I have completed 500 hours of training in Alignment Yoga with master teacher Scott Anderson and continue to study with him. In addition to my studies in Alignment Yoga, I have also some experience with Iyengar and Anusara Yoga, Viniyoga, Feldenkrais and Somatics.

I am registered with the Yoga Alliance and have taught nearly 1,000 hours. In addition to teaching in the studio, I work with private students, and have created classes for assisted living and nursing home residents.


I’ve always loved fluid movement.  I was drawn to yoga after years of competitive gymnastics, dance performance and Pilates conditioning.  Like so many others, I started yoga for my own fitness, but ended up with a life-long practice of mindfulness, healthy living, and teaching safe movement patterns.

I’ve taught multi-level classes since 2005, striving to create a calm oasis from the demands of 21st century life. My classes are a unique fusion of all the movement styles I’ve studied, weaving together a dance of yoga poses, Pilates strengthening and TaiChi-inspired movements – with gentle reminders to breathe, feel more than think, and stay in the present moment.

First and always a student, I continue to attend trainings with master teachers to deepen my own practice and maintain a Yoga Alliance membership.

Mat Pilates – (Lonna Mosow) – 2005
BODYFLOW® – (Dr. Jackie Mills) – 2006-2012
Vinyasa Yoga – (CorePower) – 2009
Hatha Yoga – (YogaFit) – 2007-2013
Yoga Alliance – RYT200 – since 2009
E-RYT200 – Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher – since 2014

Therapeutic Back – (Heidi Dix) – 2012
SomaYoga® – (Ann Maxwell) – 2013
Slow Flow – (Ted Roseen) – 2014
Alignment – (Scott Anderson) – 2014-2015

To learn more, visit my website: www.wisemoves.org


I recently moved here from Lakeland Florida due to my Husband’s job and I am very excited to be part of Tula Yoga and Wellness.

I didn’t have a lot of yoga experience before I did my 200-hour Teacher Training. I had been a professional Dancer for many years, traveling to many countries. During that time I had done various yoga classes and also had been very interested in alternative therapies as well as trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

During my time in Lakeland while teaching Zumba at a local Yoga studio, I was offered the chance to do the Teacher training. It was then that I really started to enjoy yoga. The training taught me a lot about myself and my teaching. My favorite style during the course was Yin Yoga and soon after I did my Yin Training with Shala Worsley and I have been teaching Yin ever since.

I love teaching and watching people progress and try to include a lot of engagement and motivation in my classes. As well as Yin I have been teaching Hatha 1 and Beginner’s Flow.

I look forward to meeting you when you come to class. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me here. I can also be found on Facebook too(Ruth Silva)

Other Qualifications: Zumba


My passion is sharing wellness – body, mind, and spirit. I’m a Holistic Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and a Yoga Instructor. My hope for everyone who comes to class is that you feel  good when you leave, met where you are on your wellness path and empowered to care for your beautiful self outside of class. I currently teach Bootcamp with Soul and Yoga with Weights at Tula. You can read more about me at www.turinofitness.com. I look forward to doing a class with you soon.


Remember dancing as a child, feeling the sense of aliveness and joy of uninhibited movement? When we stop thinking about “how to” dance and instead open our hearts and bodies to the dance as it moves through us, we re-connect with that authentic joy. We experience dancing with freedom again — a dynamic celebration of life, a moving meditation.

I am humbled by the intrinsic wisdom of our bodies and awed by the magic that awakens when we are present to each moment. My studies have included psycho-spiritual inquiry, bodywork, and conscious movement practices including Yoga, Somatics and expressive and meditative dance, such as the 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Biodanza, Dancing Freedom, the Open Floor and Soul Motion. All of these disciplines have moved me deeply, showing me the beauty of both movement and stillness, as well as my capacity for authentic healing and joy.

As a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator (2012) and an Open Floor Teacher-in-Training, I am honored to share these practices with the Tula community and beyond. Come experience the movement(s) for yourself!

What is Dancing Freedom?  Designed by Samantha Sweetwater and cultivated by communities around the globe, Dancing Freedom is a path of embodied inquiry that invites us to pay attention and wake up! Through movement, mindfulness, music, and a strong intentional field anchored and supported by the elements, we create somatic journeys centered on conscious evolution. To learn more about the practice, visit: www.dancingfreedom.com

What is the Open Floor?  With over 60 years of combined teaching experience, the founders of the Open Floor have learned a universal language inherent to any moving body. Each practice takes an integrated approach to the dance floor, inviting us to tap into the essential movement language we all speak when we take our FULL selves into the dance! To learn more about the practice, visit: www.openfloor.org

Additional trainings and certifications:

  • Green River Global Somatics – Breathing Freely (2013), Following Flow (2013), and Knowing Bones (2013)  
  • Yoga Center of Minneapolis-  Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hr) – 2012
  • Rod Stryker – Para Yoga Tantra  – 2012
  • Health Enrichment Center – Certified Therapeutic Massage – 2003

To contact Teresa, email: click here
Facebook:  “Rooted and Rising”
To know more about Teresa and her offerings, visit www.rootedandrising.com


My work is rooted in the wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, and tantra to support the growth
and healing of students with the practices I have found so beneficial in my own life. My goal through both group and private work, is to provide challenging, authentic, and transformative experiences that lead to stability, radiance, and clarity.

In 2008 I embarked on a path of study, since earning certifications as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. My gratitude extends deeply to the lineage of teachers who have come before me, including Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Dr. Rosy Mann, Kathryn Templeton, among many other inspirational mentors.

With yoga, I teach a breath-centered practice, drawing from my study in the ParaYoga tradition, my background in dance and movement arts, and my experience receiving the subtle work of the Feldenkrais method. My personal practice has always focused on the subtle aspects of the body and Self and I believe this is reflected in my sequencing and teaching.

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I take joy in supporting clients’ understanding of the root causes of imbalance and empowering them to be healthy on all layers of being. Ayurveda is slow and I fully believe that even the smallest changes can lead to the greatest outcome.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games with my husband and friends, hiking with our two dogs, and cooking delicious food. I also keep busy handcrafting ayurvedic self-care products
for my company, Element Ayurvedic Apothecary.

For more information, please visit zachdoesyoga.com and elementselfcare.com.