II was 13 years old when I first encountered Yoga, though I didn’t start practicing regularly until I was in college and looking for a natural way to manage anxiety. The experiences I was having on my yoga mat felt deeply healing, so I decided to participate in a teacher training so I could empower others to slow down, and take time to breathe and look inward. I completed a 230-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training with Radiant Life Yoga in Minneapolis and went on to study Yin Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, and SomaYoga. I now teach Candlelit Yoga every Wednesday evening and have for the last three years. This class consists mostly of restorative, or long-held, postures with the support of props. In stillness, we focus on bringing awareness to the mind-body connection and cultivating self-compassion and curiosity for our felt experience. All are welcome!


I have always had a keen interest in the structure and function of the human being. I have always loved to move and explore new ways of doing it! I have also always loved to hear people’s stories – their life, times, interpretations and experiences. This interest and curiosity set a perfect table for the studies I have chosen through my life to date. All of this has come together to inform my life lived in relationship as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, student, teacher, practitioner, animal care-giver, and on.

My work within the wellness community of Tula includes working one on one in private sessions in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, and teaching group classes using Somatics, classical Yoga, Ayurveda, the Aerial hammock, energy modalities and other awareness practices.
Ultimately, the aim of my work is to create and hold space for the calm, connected experience of this state of Being, so as to raise Awareness, heal what is demanding our attention, and return to ourSelves fully.


At 19, yoga came to me as a way to access my inner strength and voice while going through some difficult times. My practice has continued to support me over the last 33 years. My husband Dan and I have co-owned Tula Yoga & Wellness since March 2012. Our mission is to make yoga & wellness within everyone’s reach and to create a space where people can be themselves. I completed my Yoga Therapy certification (C-IAYT) through Yoga North’s International SomaYoga Institute in 2016. I enjoy the diversity of family (three children 12, 17, 21), running a business, working with private clients, teaching group classes & workshops, leading retreats, and facilitating team-building projects with business groups. I am blessed everyday to learn, practice, and teach how to weave yoga, Ayurveda, and energy work into all aspects of life for healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Yoga, to me, is something that is ever-changing. My personal yoga practice now, is much different than it was when I began stepping onto my mat years ago. The way I teach yoga continues to grow and change through the years, just like my students do. My hope for any human that steps into my class or private session is that they begin to find some form of comfort in themselves. To begin to understand this ever-flowing change within us and around us. To find what balance means to them, in their terms.


Namaste, Sat Nam! I am a lifelong student of yoga. I’ve received so much healing from the practice and study of yoga (self-love, trusting my inner voice), which is what inspires me to share and teach yoga. I am trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, Raja and prenatal yoga. I am inspired daily from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

As a teacher, I work on creating a safe place for my students to be, explore, move and breathe. I work on connecting students back to their wisdom, inner voice and intuition that always knows. Throughout my class you will experience fluid movements, breath, sound and guided visualization. As a teacher, I honor and trust your inner voice. I am here to be only a guide during your yoga journey.

Outside of teaching and practicing you will find me caring for mamas and babies as a Postpartum Doula, devotional singing with my husband, painting mandalas and walking amongst the trees.


I completed my yoga 200-hour yoga certification in 2005 and continued my studies in yoga therapeutics. For five years I coordinated the 230-Hour Teacher Training Program at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and in 2009 became the first Unnata Aerial Yoga instructor in the Midwest. I have been leading Unnata® Teacher Trainings internationally since 2012 and co-created of Aerial Play & Fitness TM. My teaching has been influenced by Gary Kraftsow, Monique Maxwell, and her first teacher, Lisa Belfiori. I pride myself on creating a nurturing environment for students to explore the initial experience of being upside down and working with a dynamic prop. I appreciate the hammock for the deep kinesthetic awareness it offers and for the playfulness and freedom it inspires.


I have been a dancer since childhood and discovered Nia in 2004. I have been teaching Nia since 2014 at Tula and other locations in the Twin. I love the variety of music, energy (dance, martial arts and healing arts) and the fun of dancing Nia. Nia’s primary principle is to seek Joy in movement and I embody that in my classic Nia classes, workshops and dance parties. Nia combines the sensations of power, play, flow, and self awareness into an experience that is both a cardio work-out and a mind/body “work-in.” Practicing Nia has increased my flexibility, strength, stability, and agility. I feel more ease in my body, mind and spirit using the principles and movements of Nia in my daily life. I believe my purpose is to share the healing power of movement with people of all ages and abilities.

Through movement we find health! For more information about me and the Nia Technique, go to nianow.com/bethgiles.


I grew up in a very holistic household, and came to alternative health and wellness at a very early age. Experiencing illness myself and within my family is what guided me to explore helping others find wellness through yoga and other holistic approaches. I believe it is crucial to meet your body where it is each day, in each class. I bring an element of lightheartedness to my classes that makes me a favorite wherever I teach. Being drawn to help more people and in larger ways and fulfill my passion for travel, I co-founded Global CitiZen Retreats; a retreat company that gives back through service work, fundraising, and much more! For more information visit globalcitizenretreats.com.


Yoga teacher is one of the many titles I proudly and joyfully claim (some of my other top picks are: mother, priestess, Shamanic Minister, wife, daughter, sister, artist, and donut-lover). After leading a yoga club in high school and teaching sun salutations to a group of orphans as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania I took the plunge and journeyed through a number of teacher trainings. To me, yoga is self-care, self-love, inquiry, and freedom explored and realized through movement and stillness. I believe there is nothing more healing than becoming still so we can connect with the wisdom embedded within the body. I teach Yin and Yoga Nidra on Sunday evenings- a class I’ve been teaching for a few years and absolutely adore. I also teach workshops laden with ritual and organic movement that are centered around the cycles of nature.


We all know the ‘gotta go’, ‘gotta do’ mode of our lives. It is equally vital to know how to pause, reset & replenish ourselves. In my role as a yoga teacher/therapist, I think of myself as a dot connector- guiding you in your quest to unify body, mind & heart. Through breath centered movement, I weave together my love of physical/subtle body anatomy, mindfulness, and Ayurveda therapy in my classes. I am to guide you to re-educate, nourish and strengthen the whole body. I want to help you befriend the calm, resilient aspect of yourself and relish the present moment.


I’ve been a student of health and wellness since I can remember. Having a deep curiosity of the human body and physiology brought me to the Body Therapy Institute 30 years ago to pursue massage therapy and became a deep tissue therapist in Raleigh NC with an emphasis in chronic and acute pain. I had the pleasure of teaching deep tissue technique for a time and been blessed to learn from great leaders in body work including Rick Rosen, Michael Shae, John Latz and Paul St. John. I left my practice to pursue a career with Whole Foods Market and move home to Minnesota in 1995 to marry my high school sweetheart. My admiration of eastern culture and alternative health have remained constant. I recently completed the 500 hour training in SomaYoga with Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute. My wife, Ann, and I have been supporting people’s goals of wellbeing for over 25 years and we are the co-owners of Tula Yoga Wellness. We have three kids each of whom give me pause to reflect on the many blessings and opportunities in life.


I am a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, SomaYoga Therapy Trained along with advanced studies in SourcePoint Therapy and a certification as an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist. I blend my passion for optimal health and full potential to support your next best steps on your path to wholeness and remembering your divine brilliance. There is no greater healer and teacher than your higher Self and being in an intimate connection with the blueprint for human health to support your fullest potential. From simple daily practices of Ayurveda to energy medicine and energy pattern changing protocols, meditation and the whole eight limbs of yoga; I draw on these ancient tools and newer modalities to support your healing and help you remove blockages that have held you back. I write for Yoga International and other publications where I am motivated to share these tools with all ages to support health and potential! I teach and see clients at Tula Yoga & Wellness and also teach with Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute training teachers. For more information: wwwelizabetheilerssullivan.com


Long before yoga entered my life, I spent years working at a coffee shop. The thing I loved most about working at a coffee shop was establishing a genuine human connection with so many people over their favorite cup of coffee each and every day. Since then my life has transitioned into the corporate realm where connection and physical movement can be limited.

I attended my first yoga class in November of 2015 at Tula. After a few months of enjoying classes and learning about my body and self, I realized yoga is my passion. I believe education is the foundation of society and yoga empowers us to be the teacher and student of our individual experience of life. I received my yoga teacher training through Yoga North and I specialize in SomaYoga. Through a yogic lifestyle we are able to live healthier, happier lives in our bodies.

As a yoga teacher, my wish is to establish a genuine human connection with my students through yoga as we journey down the path of self-discovery together. I hope to facilitate a practice conducive to increasing self-awareness and that recalibrate the body while reinvigorating the mind.


I first found SomaYoga in the late summer of 2014 and have been a devoted practitioner ever since. At the time I was debilitated by injuries to my spine and hip socket, which re-appeared quite suddenly when the limits to my understanding collided with my actual condition. Within the span of a few weeks I went from not feeling my injuries to loudly sensing how deep they were. Once I realized and accepted where I was, I also saw there was so much I needed to learn. After a half year of searching for ways to mend myself I discovered Tula with its brilliant offering called SomaYoga. I immediately recognized the marriage of somatics and yoga. With almost no thought I signed up for the 200 hour SomaYoga training. There I found the means to reshape myself and have discovered endless fascination with all of the forms I take. From the moment I first accepted I could no longer function, acceptance formed the paving stones of my recovery. It begins when the mind is still and quiet and perched to observe without altering. From there the body starts to become re-enchanted.


Yoga leaves me restored and rejuvenated, which is how I hope my students leave after each class. I believe that practicing yoga is just that–a practice, in which we are continuously growing, learning and discovering. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and teaching for 7 years. I took the training after realizing how much yoga supported my physical and mental well-being and I wanted to learn more. I teach 4 and 5 year olds during the week as a Preschool Teacher and lead Vinyasa classes with adults on the weekends. My teaching style is light hearted and fun. My classes incorporate music that matches the stage of the class. We begin and end with calm, restorative postures and flow through a more challenging sequence in the middle. There is a yoga practice out there for everyone and we all need to find the right fit for us. Coming together in a community and taking time to practice self-care is a gift we give not only to ourselves, but to all those we encounter.


I was introduced to yoga in 2006 and instantly fell in love with how felt after my practice; strong, flexible, confident, relaxed and compassionate toward myself. My yoga practice is as an essential part of my life. My goal is to encourage everyone to begin their practice and open themselves up to the possibility of change in their lives.
I started my 200 Hour Teacher Training in Huntington Beach California at Yoga Shakti Wellness Center and finished it here in Minnesota through Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Centers and from there I went on to complete the 500 Hour Teacher Training through Yoga North International Soma Yoga Institute here in Saint Paul and Duluth Minnesota.

I have taught in a variety of settings and maintain a daily personal yoga practice, in studio and at home. I aim to bring humor, support and a non-judgmental attitude into class to show everyone that a yoga practice is a fun and valuable experience.


I am the founder of Return Yoga, a non-profit providing training and yoga studies to at-risk populations. My lineage traces back ti to Sri T Krishnamacharya, upholding his insistence that yoga be individualized. My teaching speaks to the whole person, encouraging personal paths. It’s backed by awareness of social justice and trauma. I have tried to up the ante on yoga conversations, raising the dignity and the standards of how yoga is taught and perceived. My teaching bridges the gap between ancient tradition and modern day understandings of psychology, body, and spirit.


I view yoga as a life-long practice. It is enriching not only for the body, but also for the mind and soul. Practicing yoga has given me more freedom and ease in my body, as well as the tools to respond to what life throws at me rather than reacting. In every class that I teach, I combine SomaYoga, Hatha Yoga and breath work to create a space where every student can find their own personal yoga practice. By slowing the practice down, students have time to notice their own muscular habits and gently release what is no longer serving them.


When I was a competitive dancer, I recall standing backstage before a performance, clinging to the curtains with anxiety. At times my heart would beat so loudly, I could barely hear the announcer call my name or category over the house speakers. Typically that anxiety dissolved away after stepping on stage and allowing myself to get lost in my favorite escape. Dancing continues to force me out of my introversion, and allows me the freedom to express myself through movement and music.

Interestingly, that anxiety has never entirely gone away. I experience a little of it before every Zumba class, and it allows me to relate to new students who may have apprehensions. My hope is that every student, whether their first class or whether they’ve been coming to Zumba for years, feels free to be themselves. I’ve never stopped being passionate about dance, but the beauty is now-it’s not about competing, but connecting.


I’ve always been drawn to physical movement, and enjoyed practicing flexibility and balancing. In 2010 I started going to a weekly yoga class. I help special needs children in elementary school and attended a Yoga Calm training. It inspired and resonated with me deeply, so I pursued the Yoga Calm certification. I teach an ongoing Yoga Calm class at Tula on Sunday mornings. The children’s enthusiasm and energy is delightful, it’s a fun class.
I explored going to a variety of classes at Tula, which led me to taking the 200hr Soma yoga training by YogaNorth, and recently I went through Yin Training. I teach hatha series to staff at school.
It’s an honor to continue learning and sharing the experience of yoga with children and adults. I love the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connection that yoga brings through breathe, movement, relaxation, and community.


Because I began practicing yoga when I was in my late 50s, I’m especially interested in working with older and “non-typical” students. I firmly believe that there is a practice for everyone. I have completed 500 hours of training with Scott Anderson of Alignment Yoga, along with additional training in somatics.
I teach Yoga Explorations, a kind of “laboratory class” during which we explore the mind-body connection using techniques derived from asana, somatics, and other movement practices.
The mind-body connection is a “two-way street.” We know the mind affects the body, but we often forget the body also affects the mind. As we deepen our relationship with our body and become more at home in it, we become more fully human and more fully ourselves.


I’ve always loved fluid, creative, and holistic movement. I was a gymnast, dancer, and devotee of Pilates, but when I started practicing and studying yoga, a whole new way of moving and being opened up to me! In 2005, I decided to combine my love of movement and education, and set out to earn a variety of mind-body fitness certifications and began teaching classes around the Twin Cities.

Now, I develop and teach my own fusion classes – blending simple and effective moves from Hatha yoga, Pilates core, Tai Chi-style full body, and mindful breathing. I hope to inspire people to move with joy and freedom, live pain-free, maintain good posture, and address the common effects of sitting long hours and too much screen-time. I love to see people leave class feeling centered, renewed, and open.
To learn more, visit my website: nancyherzog.com


The first time I experienced yoga was while working as a dancer. It helped me with some injuries at that time, but it wasn’t until later that I took it on more frequently and received my training in it. I started teaching Zumba as a way of keeping dancing in my life and have continued to teach it for 6 years now.
When teaching my classes I want my students to succeed and to have a better understanding of their bodies! I teach Slow flow, Vinyasa, Yin and Zumba, and bring SomaYoga practices into each of those styles… even Zumba.
Yoga has helped me in many ways on and off the mat and I try to incorporate it into my classes and all other aspects of my life. In my spare time I love hanging out with my husband, and our cat Winnie. I also love dancing, baking and watching British Murder mysteries. For more Information visit my Website: ruthsilvadance.wordpress.com.


I’ve been teaching various forms of movement for 14 years now as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. Because I’m trained in a bunch of modalities, I try and meet each person wherever they are on their journey.

My hope is that you can connect and move with your body in a way that feels just right for you, because the body is a part of the body.mind.spirit chain. Your body is where you sense, feel and move. It is how you give and receive physical love. Your body, needs to be loved and cherished. The body is your best teacher – and I am simply a guide to help you connect, honor and move yourself with loving kindness. I teach two classes here at Tula: Bootcamp with Soul which combines strength, cardio and mobility and is taught in gears so you can customize the workout to make it work for you. Sunrise Yoga which helps you greet your day with a blend of SomaYoga and SlowFlow. For more information, visit my website: www.turinofitness.com


Whether I am facilitating, coaching, mothering or mentoring, I consider myself an advocate of en-LIFE-enment. With a passion for movement and metaphor as paths of liberation, my offerings blend my love of dance, somatic inquiry, archetypal and depth psychology, earth based wisdom, and whole systems healing. Through powerful, embodied explorations of deep purpose, I support others in awakening awareness, summoning resilience and choice, and welcoming wholeness home; one step at a time.

Having lived a life guided by curiosity, wonder, and in service to the unknown, I have learned to trust in the wisdom of my body, rest in the questions rather than the answers, and ponder rather than claim to know. Free form, conscious dance is my primary practice, along with weaving ritual, connecting with nature, listening to dreams, and activating my imagination through creative writing and art.
It is my great honor to share and breathe and BE in this dance of life with you.
To learn more about my offerings, visit www.rootedandrising.com.


My work is rooted in the wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, and tantra to support the growth
and healing of students with the practices I have found so beneficial in my own life. My goal through both group and private work, is to provide challenging, authentic, and transformative experiences that lead to stability, radiance, and clarity.

In 2008 I embarked on a path of study, since earning certifications as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. My gratitude extends deeply to the lineage of teachers who have come before me, including Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Dr. Rosy Mann, Kathryn Templeton, among many other inspirational mentors.

With yoga, I teach a breath-centered practice, drawing from my study in the ParaYoga tradition, my background in dance and movement arts, and my experience receiving the subtle work of the Feldenkrais method. My personal practice has always focused on the subtle aspects of the body and Self and I believe this is reflected in my sequencing and teaching.

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I take joy in supporting clients’ understanding of the root causes of imbalance and empowering them to be healthy on all layers of being. Ayurveda is slow and I fully believe that even the smallest changes can lead to the greatest outcome.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games with my husband and friends, hiking with our two dogs, and cooking delicious food. I also keep busy handcrafting ayurvedic self-care products
for my company, Element Ayurvedic Apothecary.

For more information, please visit zachdoesyoga.com and elementselfcare.com.