Come and elevate your practice!

Unnata Aerial Yoga® is an opportunity to elevate your practice… literally!  (Unnata is Sanskrit for elevated)  Yoga poses (asana) performed in a fabric hammock are balanced with poses on the mat to create a practice that will deepen awareness on many levels, and bring a new dimension to your asana practice.
Advantages of using this yoga prop include the ability reap the rich benefits of inversion without needing to rely on the level of strength and balance that can take years to build in a mat practice.  These inversions with body weight fully supported in the sling also provide maximum decompression of the spine as gravity works it’s magic naturally.  Whether upright or inverted in the fabric, this gift of gravity is maximized by being partially or fully held in the fabric, creating natural alignment; bringing equanimity and balance to the body.  The unwinding of facia, release of tension centers in the body, and resistance in the fabric created by being held against gravity in space, provide unparalleled opportunity to both strengthen and release the physical body, while deeply inspiring the chakras of the subtle energy body.  It is a truly unique and rich experience of yoga.

Aerial Attire:

For hygienic reasons and to avoid fabric burns, wear clothing that covers your underarms and knees. No zippers, snaps, or jewelry. Wedding bands are okay. Please be considerate – no perfumes, scented or oily body lotion.
To attend a drop in class you must attend the Aerial Skills Workshop to be introduced to the fundamentals and become familiar with the feel of the fabric and techniques around using it.  Class size is limited by number of slings, so reserve ahead by clicking here.
If you have questions, please contact us or call 651-387-6569.
If you have a spinal condition, injury, or medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, untreated high blood pressure, etc) or backbending, please obtain your doctor’s permission.