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Julie Delene Julie Delene guides individuals, couples, leaders and teams to renew and unify, reach new clarity and focus, and create positive changes. She engages body, mind and breath using her proprietary MOVES™ process. MOVES™ is a powerful method to increase your energy and clarity by moving you through the cycles of creating.

Julie is the author of the book, Moved To Create, founder of Move As One, LLC, and creator of the MOVES™ process. She is also a certified program leader for Best Year Yet™, Miracle of the Breath™, Wind Water Feng Shui, and a professional ballroom dance teacher.

If you’re ready to make a change or struggling to meet your goals, Julie can help make the process of change healthy, productive, fun and astoundingly effective. For more information, check www.movedtocreate.com. Please feel free to call Julie at 612-598-5355 or email julie@move-as-one.com.

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Move into Your Best Life

Are you ready to make a change? Would you like more confidence and clarity in your direction? Are you ready to live your best life?

Julie provides one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and retreats. By moving through the natural cycles of creating you will:

  • Understand and clear out that which is blocking your creativity
  • Connect with your inner visions, your life passions
  • Establish clarity and commitment about what you want to create
  • Develop a plan to move forward
  • Learn to use and experience mind/body integration tools as way to find answers within
  • Learn the co-creative process for continual re-creation
  • Activate your higher wisdom

Julie Delene_move to romanceMove to Romance 

For individuals and couples. Restore vitality and enhance your romance by dancing into your best life!

Monthly class at Tula – see “workshops & events” for schedule

Do you wish your life could be more exciting?  Could your romance use more spark?

As we practice moving in harmony, our minds relax to our natural rhythm. We become present with ourselves, our partner, and the music. When we do, we are extremely potent in creating the dance of life together.

As a ballroom, latin, swing dance instructor, Julie has experienced the many jewels of partner dancing. It reveals the dynamics of a relationship and gets right to the heart of the matter. We use non-verbal communication to understand what is working, and not working. Learn how to move through issues with grace and compassion and bring more joy and passion into your life.

If you are feeling stuck or want to enhance your romance, engage yourself and/or your partner in this new “therapy” to inspire more joy. Using her experience with dance, breath, qigong, and coaching practices, Julie will guide you to tap into your inner creative genius, embody your spirit, and improve your life. Join a group workshop or schedule a private lesson with Julie.

Feng Shui Consultations

Julie offers two-hour consultations and/or a customized workshop using Feng Shui concepts to help with energy flow and to enhance the overall environment of your living spaces. In-home or office, Julie will guide you to align your space to support your dreams. She is certified in Wind Water Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that works with the circulation, energy flow, and layout of your environment. It is based on the wisdom that everything is energy and your space reflects your life. By applying this art, you can create intentional change and positive energy flow. Watch your home, work, and life expand to more prosperous and fulfilling ways.

Call Julie at 612-598-5355 or e-mail julie@move-as-one.com to schedule a Feng Shui consultation.

Move Your Team To Success

A fresh approach to strategic planning and execution. It is designed to unleash the extraordinary creative and productive power of your team by engaging in a multi-faceted, co-creative process that moves them to success. Customized for your specific business needs, this empowerment program combines the core elements of energy, awareness and action to create high performing leaders and teams, and achieve strategic goals.

The key to moving an organization forward is to establish a clear, unified vision based on the values and passions of all the individuals, teams, systems, and alliances involved. Using the MOVES™ process, we reach alignment with persons and teams from the inside out. Teams become energized, mutually aligned, goal directed, internally accountable, extremely satisfying, and astoundingly effective.

If your team or organization is expanding, or struggling to meet its goals, or caught in the winds of change, Julie can help make the change process healthy, productive and astoundingly effective. Call Julie at 612-598-5355 or e-mail julie@move-as-one.com to schedule a consultation.


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