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My love connection to health and wellness started on the College of St. Catherine’s campus in the late 80’s when I studied to receive a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I was part of the 80’s aerobics revolution in fitness as a leg-warmer clad teacher! Through the next 22 years of raising my family of 5 kids and cast of pets with my husband in St. Paul, I continued to be a seeker in the pursuit of wellness. After a decade of practicing various disciplines of yoga, I studied at the Yoga Center Minneapolis in 2010 for my 200 hour teacher training and also certified to teach pre and post natal yoga, complementing my practice as a Birth Doula.   In 2012 I received certification in Unnata Aerial Yoga – adding another dimension to my teaching in this ancient art of yoga – this time in the air on a fabric sling (think circus) – a prop to reverse the body’s normal relationship with gravity.   In 2013 I studied with Judith Lasiter in an intensive on the Lumbar Spine and SI joints, which would come full circle in it’s importance and understanding the next year when I completed a second 200 hour comprehensive training to include the body of work from of the International SomaYoga Institute out of Minnesota’s own Yoga North, Duluth.  My current work includes private sessions with SomaYoga therapy clients,  and teaching classic ‘land’ yoga, aerial yoga, and SomaYoga classes at Tula Yoga & Wellness in St. Paul, MN where I assist in managing and i-magining the studio in all it can grow to become.

My education in wellness has also extended to energy work study in Qigong – an ancient Chinese healing art, with extensive experience and ongoing study in other modalities as well, to unite understanding of the body’s energy system with the other 10 body systems and their interaction for whole health.

I am ever grateful to the teachers in my life who have brought me along – most notably my children and my dogs (silent examples of grateful and contented living), and all that have lit my path with their wisdom and knowledge to share with my students.

I am humbled to be part of the worldwide and local yoga community. It is a universal language speaking and practicing life lived in balance, yielding santosa; Sanskrit for contentment: the ultimate human experience.

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