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Remember dancing as a child, feeling the sense of aliveness and joy of uninhibited movement? When we stop thinking about “how to” dance and instead open our hearts and bodies to the dance as it moves through us, we re-connect with that authentic joy. We experience dancing freedom again — a dynamic celebration of life, a moving meditation.

I am humbled by the intrinsic wisdom of our bodies and awed by the magic that awakens when we are present to each moment. My studies have included psycho-spiritual inquiry, bodywork, energy work, and conscious movement practices including Yoga, Somatics and expressive and meditative dance, such as the 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Biodanza, and Soul Motion. Through these experiences, I came to Dancing Freedom—the discipline which has moved me most deeply and which I feel called to share.

Designed by Samantha Sweetwater, Dancing Freedom is a path of embodied inquiry; a practice of paying attention and waking up. It has shown me the beauty of both movement and stillness. It has centered me and strengthened my capacity for authentic healing, joy and conscious evolution. It heals. It reveals. It welcomes. It is an honor for me to share this profound practice with you – join us and experience it for yourself!

Additional trainings and certifications:

  • Green River Global Somatics – Breathing Freely & Following Flow – 2013   
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hr) – Yoga Center of Minneapolis – 2012
  • Rod Stryker – Para Yoga (Tantra) – 2012
  • Certified Therapeutic Massage – 2003

To contact Teresa, email: click here
Facebook:  “Dancing Freedom Twin Cities”
To know more about Dancing Freedom, visit www.dancingfreedom.com

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