Massage Therapy is a great way to care and connect to your body! Way more than a way to treat yourself, think of it as PREVENTATIVE health care that YOU can take charge of!  I offer several different styles of bodywork, or massage therapy.  When you book an appointment with me, you can choose from the following:


Using techniques that squeeze and knead the muscle tissue, Swedish is meant to be a full body experience that is very effective in reducing stress and tension that get held in the body. The client will feel relaxed and often flushed from circulation of fluids through the body.



Great for injuries, muscular strain or soreness from repetitive motion. Specific techniques are using that help repair and smooth out the muscles involved. Often, a deeper pressure is required to release the tension from the muscle. As the tension is released, the client experiences relief and can effectively relax.



Client remains completely clothed, in comfortable, stretchy clothing (yoga clothing is perfect) and the therapist addresses different acupuncture points on the body, with thumb pressure.  Assisted stretching and range of motion at joints are a big part of this style bodywork.  After receiving Shiatsu, the client feels a sense of calm, wellbeing and aligned energy, which feels like being relaxed and alert, all at once.  Shiatsu is a fantastic way to address stress, anxiety, muscular and mental tension.


Thai Bodywork: 

Also called Thai Yoga Massage and just like Shiatsu, the client is completely clothed and the work is done on the floor on a comfortable mat.  Yoga clothes are the perfect clothing for this bodywork as the practitioner uses thumb, finger and palm pressure and applies assisted stretching and range of motion at joints.  Similar to Shiatsu, but less reliant on the acupuncture system, Thai Bodywork is wonderful for anyone wanting to increase flexibility, mobility at the joint level and generally feel wonderfully relaxed and at peace.


Add on services:

Cupping: Cupping is a Chinese Medicine technique that gained popularity during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games when the US Swim Team began cupping.  Cupping is a VERY effective way of reducing acute pain and tension present in large muscle groups.  It works by suctioning the skin into a cup and keeping the cup in place for about 15 minutes, drawing the blood and tension upward towards the surface of the skin.  After the cup is removed, the area can be felt to be more pliable and mobile with less tension. The client may have dark circles on the area for a few days after treatment.  The treatment is painless and relief is felt that same day.




I found massage through yoga, which is perfect, since they complement one another! That makes it perfect for me to be practicing as a massage therapist at Tula around other yoga- and wellness-minded people!

 I guarantee quality, high value bodywork custom tailored to meet each clients unique needs.

In addition to a 200 hr Yoga Teacher certification, I have 1500 hours of training in both Asian and Western bodywork from Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu School & Clinic in St. Louis Park, MN and additional Thai Yoga Bodywork training by Chris Gordon at Big River Yoga.

I bring a mindset of whole body care to my sessions and can quickly find the source of disharmony with my clients to provide relief. I have specific training in:

  • Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure)

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork (Ayurvedic stretching and palm pressure)

  • Therapeutic (A.K.A. Deep Tissue/Sports Massage)

  • Swedish (Relaxation)

  • Cupping Therapy (Suction therapy using silicone cups)

You can learn more about my “mixed tape method” of working with clients and about me at :

60 minute $80

90 minute session $125

Add on for cupping is 20.00

*If the times available do not work with your schedule, you can contact Sonja directly via email  ( or call/text 612-594-2482.



LMT, RYT 200 Jill’s passion for health and wellness is the thread that weaves through her massage practice. Her approach is to help each client sustain wellbeing through integrated bodywork. She is a licensed and insured 1998 graduate of Sister Rosalind’s School of Professional Massage. Jill has over 1000 hours of Therapeutic Massage coursework. Jill also graduated from Illinois State University with a BS is Consumer Economics and Merchandising. Her mission is to provide integrated therapy sessions personalized to meet your needs. With each session, you may experience soft tissue release, joint mobility, and deep relaxation. 

Jill is trained in: 

  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage Deep Tissue Massage

  • Neuromuscular Therapy Thai Yoga Bodywork

  • Myofascial Release Digestive Massage 

Contact Directly for Appointments:

651 260 2448 

Services and Rates: Integrated Therapy:

60 minutes - $70, 90 minutes - $100 

“East meets West:

Deep tissue/Table Thai: 60 minutes - $125.

Accepted forms of payment:

Cash or Check, 24 hr cancellation required.