Organizational Wellness


Bring our studio to work!

Got a conference room? Got people who would benefit from a mid-day break? Tula Yoga & Wellness classes and workshops might be right for you. From mid-day classes to workshops to team building events, here’s a sampling of ways to reduce stress and create more joy for you and your co-workers: 


Group Classes:

Mid-day All-bodies Vinyasa Flow

This is a great way to release stress and give yourself energy for the rest of your workday. Our instructor will provide different options for poses so each student can experience the class in a way that’s right for them.


8 week session $85 per person

A minimum of 10 yogis must register.

Class meets once/week.


Group Wellness Workshops

Learn ways to create the best version of you through a holistic yoga practice. We’ll talk about eating healthy (not dieting), movement that’s kind to your body, and other aspects of a yoga practice that can help reduce stress and create energy and a sense of calm.


90 minute session



Team Building Events

Strengthen your team with a yoga class designed to let people experience the joy of working together. We’ll talk with you about your team and come up with a custom class to help them feel stronger and more cohesive. These classes are suitable for all bodies and include individual, partner and group poses and lots of laughter!


90 minute session



Have something else in mind? Let’s brainstorm about how to create the best class, workshop or other event for your team. Contact Ann Blackburn via email today.