Reiki- (Rei) spiritual wisdom (ki) life force energy: Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. The reiki practitioner is a bridge between universal healing energy and the client. The client is fully clothed during a session while comfortably lying on a massage table, supported with blankets and an eye pillow. The reiki practitioner uses the palms to direct the flow of reiki into the client. The palms are placed at about 3 inches away from the body or lightly touching different energy centers of the body. Reiki is not a massage or associated with any religion, rather it is a universal healing energy available to all living things. Reiki sessions are a wonderful way to reduce stress, facilitate healing, gain clarity and direction in life, and reconnect to your dharma (life’s purpose).

What to expect during a reiki session: Reiki sessions will start with a brief check in between the client and the practitioner as well as address any questions the client may have.  During a reiki session the client is fully clothed, and comfortably lying down on a massage table, supported with blankets and eye pillows for warmth and comfort. The practitioner will then begin the session with intention setting, a drum wash to clear old energy and gentle breathing exercises to help the client enter into their parasympathetic nervous system, which is the healing state to be in. The reiki practitioner, Autumn will then go over a series of hand placements (this can be done hands on or hands off depending on the clients wishes) over different energy centers of the body. The palms will be held for around 3 to 10 minutes, allowing the Reiki to flow where it is most needed for the client,. Aromatherapy and crystals may also be used, depending on the clients wishes. The session will end with a brief check in, as well as a follow-up email to check in with the client.

Benefits of Reiki may include: Stress reduction, Immune booster, Menstrual cramps, Hormonal balance, Pregnancy (prenatal and postpartum), Weight loss, Reducing fear and anxiety, Uncovering your purpose (dharma) in life, Self-love, Headaches, Back pain, Helps with big transitions during life. And so much more! Reiki will flow to where healing is needed the most!

Sound healing: Be bathed in the sounds of 7 quartz crystal singing bowls, tuned to the healing frequency of 432 hz. 432 hz is a powerful healing frequency as it lies 5 octaves up from 8 hz, which is the Earth’s natural frequency. When you listening to 432 hz, your energy system in tuning into the heartbeat of planet Earth. This allows your body, mind and spirit to resonate in a natural way, giving you a sense of peace and well-being.

Benefits of a sound healing session may include:

  • Reduce stress and produce a deeper state of relaxation, clam and peace

  • Improve sleep

  • Balance hormones

  • Connection to life’s purpose

About Autumn Onelove

Autumn is a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, attuned under Reiki Master Irene Pregyl. Autumn is passionate about holding space for others to heal in and reconnect with their life’s purpose. Autumn has witnessed the healing reiki has towards others as well as herself, and has watched others blossom into their more authentic state of being meaning the person they were meant to be on this planet. Autumn enjoys incorporating extra goodies during a reiki session, like essential oils, sound healing and breath work to allow for extra support, warmth and healing for clients. Aside from practicing reiki, autumn is currently in school to become an Ayurvedic Health Counselor as well as teaches Yoga.

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30 & 60 minute appointments available

New client special - $55 ($20 dollar savings)
1 60 minute- $75
1 30 minute- $45
Package of 3 30 minute sessions- $120 (save $15 dollars)
Package of 3 60 minute reiki- $210 ($15 dollar savings)

30 minute sound healing session - $45
Add 10 minutes of sound healing to your reiki session for $15

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