SourcePoint Therapy®

What is SourcePoint Therapy® ?

Simplicity is at the heart of SourcePoint Therapy®. It is a simple non-invasive energetic approach to healing intended to support and enhance whatever modality the practitioner is using or the client is receiving. SourcePoint Therapy works with points in the human energy field that connect the physical body directly to the universal blueprint of health that contains the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow necessary to nourish and sustain life.

It teaches and uses a body scanning technique that locates energetic blockages in the body that obstruct the information of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow inherent in the universal energy from manifesting in the physical body. These blockages often are the source of symptom patterns. Connecting to the universal blueprint of health and bringing this information to these blockages reorders the individual energy field, supports and sustains the physical body, and enhances the effectiveness of other treatments.


Who benefits from Sourcepoint?

Anyone can benefit from a session of SourcePoint Therapy. SourcePoint Therapy helps to maintain good health, to help support your healing, support pregnancy, postpartum, or beyond, support the aging process, or support active, young kids. Whether you are an athlete, hoping to become pregnant, coping with morning sickness, have a colicky newborn, or just want to strengthen your connection to the fundamental information of Order Balance, Harmony, and Flow that nourishes and sustains life SourcePoint Therapy supports the human blueprint of health, which is what we are naturally born into.


60 minute session: $85

90 minute session (and First Time Visit): $115



I am a SourcePoint Therapy® Energy Medicine Practitioner, Birth Doula, Writer, and Yoga Teacher. I am one of the few practitioners in the Twin Cities that practices this energetic healing. I offer healing sessions at Tula and love working on all ages from newborns to the wise, with women through all stages of pregnancy and post partum, from the athlete to those looking to reconnect to their own health and listen to their bodies invitation to heal.

For more information and to book an appointment, email Elizabeth or call/text 651-270-0660.