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Full Moon Release Ceremony


The full moon is a powerful time to release what is no longer serving us and to make space to receive our highest good. During the full moon we may feel full of energy and emotions making it a wonderful time create balance, space, and grounding within. This ceremony is a perfect time to connect to the divine self and become one with the universe. Turning to the phases of the moon is one way of reconnecting with the natural flow of the universe and feeling at peace with ourselves. No experience needed all are welcome.

What to expect:

-Learn astrology and how to harvest the full moon’s energy to your advantage

-Moon Salutations to create space in the body

-Pranayama(breathing exercises) to calm the mind

-Chanting to grasp the positive and divine energies that surround us

-Release and gratitude reflection to let go and inspired positivity

-Guided meditation to center