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SomaYoga & Yin: Movement & Stillness


This is a practice of observing the affects of both the muscles and the fascia. We will be blending Soma-, Yin, and Hatha Yoga and directly experiencing our interior sense perceptions of the muscle and fascia as a means to feeling wholeness.

Some useful definitions to keep in mind for the workshop:
—Yoga- a means towards self-transformation through greater awareness.
—Soma- The muscle and brain connection is accessed by observing and then guiding/being guided by your internal perception to release muscle tension.
—Yin- a deeper awareness cultivated by longer held poses without the use of muscles.

What to expect:
The class will focus on blending a handful of complementary poses from each of the three forms of yoga in a progression from somatics to yoga and finishing with yin poses. The emphasis is on the internal experience of the movement rather than information about the movements themselves so that the students awareness is unhindered by too much thinking. Experiencing the movements from a state of deep relaxation allows for greater focus and a deeper impression on the memory.

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