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Ignite Your Inner Witch


Join Brianna for her annual Witch workshop! No experience with cauldrons or spells necessary. All who identify as women are welcome!

Historically, witches have been vilified by Western societies. Strapped to ducking stools and burnt at stakes, witches were associated with a dangerous, renegade sexuality and often made the focal point for society’s deep-seated anxieties about the role of women. In reality, a witch is an empowered woman, someone who can see the nuances of the world and work with them, and who is not afraid to fight for what she wants or believes in. Witches always pay attention to their gut feelings and rely on their intuition.

Being a witch is easier than you might think. All you have to do is tap into your inner strength and power. In this class we’ll do just that! Through movement (gentle yoga and dance), breath work and guided visualization you’ll get to know your inner witch and learn how to channel her.

Space is limited- register early!